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Tips and Tricks - additional

Post  Nortim on Wed 08 Feb 2012, 20:32

Tips I don't have a category for yet

1) Attacking via refresh. If you are shield raping someone, and you know
you won't lose fleet, but it will take more than one shot, you can
attack via the internet browser refresh feature. How? After you hit
the final big red "attack" button, it will show the results of the
battle. Quickly hit your "F5" key, and then hit "spacebar" or "enter"
when the confirmation box comes up on your screen. You see, the attack
screen uses "post data," so you will not be allowed to refresh the page
without confirming, hence the spacebar/enter key afterwards. This stops
you from having to backspace and attack again using your mouse. It is
always faster to just use keyboard keys instead of using the mouse. In
situations like this, saving yourself 1-3 seconds is incredibly
important so every little bit helps. You can also repair via refresh.
In a separate tab from your attack tab, open up your fleet overview when
your ships are damaged and repair them. You can then attack by hitting
refresh and confirm, and tab back to repair again by just hitting
refresh. Keep alternating back and forth, and you will keep repairing
and attacking MUCH faster than you could otherwise. This will take some
practice to get right Wink

2) Attacking based upon the debris tick. If you are making an isolated hit, you want
to fight before the debris tick, so you can start getting debris
immediately. Unless you have to fight in more than 2-3 waves for the
entire battle, you can time yourself to start the attack at around 15-20
minutes after the hour, and you will be done by 30 after the hour when
the debris tick is. If you are involved in a larger JG crash or team
battle, you want to start your attacks immediately AFTER the debris
tick. Group battles are messy, you want to give yourself time, and you
don't want the enemy to get some debris from renegade recyclers that you
haven't hit yet. So just do yourself a favor, and don't attack until
right AFTER the debris tick. Schedule your landing accordingly.

3) Attacking using URL's. This will bypass the screen of selecting the fleet to attack and almost all mouse base navigation. Again, a time saver. This requires you to plan ahead. All fleets are given fleet numbers. So bring up the enemy fleet you wish to attack in a tab and make note of the number, let's say it's 123456789. Bring up your own fleet in a tab and make note of its number, let's say it's 987654321. Now you will construct a url in a note or notepad or whatever. The URL you want to make is this:<your fleet>&attack=<other fleet>. In this case, the full URL would be This will bring you to the final screen with the big red button, and you can just hit attack. One word of warning, you can not do this as soon as the fleet lands. The URL is dead for the 1st second of a fleet landing. So when an enemy fleet touches down, and you're waiting for him, paste the url into a new tab, take a breath, hit enter. You can then hit the big red attack button and rejoice at your speed.

I'm sure there will be others later....but that's all i've got right now. These should give you an edge on your opponent once you have them down, enjoy!

source: Smurfy fleet guide

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